Bathroom/Kitchen Sink Drain Unclogger

Bathroom/Kitchen Sink Drain Unclogger

Bathroom/Kitchen Sink Drain Unclogger

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Our Bathroom/Kitchen Sink Drain Unclogger was designed to make it extremely easy and convenient to unclog a clogged drain and get the water flowing like normal again. Equipped with a long air suction handle, the toilet unclogger simply pushes the obstruction out through air force and open the pathway again.


Whether you want to unclog the toilet or kitchen sink or floor drain, our drain unclogger will be perfect for you! There are two drain plungers provided with the sink unclogger; one for the toilet hole and the other for smaller holes.

Using our bathroom sink unclogger is as simple as pumping powerful blasts of air 3 to 4 times right into the sink. Within seconds, the water should start flowing like normal again. Perfect for all households.



EASY TO USE - Simply pull back the handle and push it down with full force to exert as much pressure as possible into the drain. Repeat as many times as needed until the drain is fully unclogged.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - From toilets to kitchen sinks to shower drains, this bathroom drain unclogger is ideal for all. The 2 different head attachments make it easy to unclog different sized holes.

BUILT TO LAST - If you're thinking that with just one use, the kitchen sink unclogger will no longer be usable, think again! The bathtub unclogger was built with durable plastic, rubber, and metal all designed to make it unclog for years.


  • Material: plastic + rubber + metal rod

  • Color: red + yellow

  • Length(approx.): 39cm

  • Metal rod(approx.): 23cm

  • Suction cup diameter(approx.): 7cm, 16cm


  • 1 x Sink Drain Unclogger

  • 2 x Sucker

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