Dog Cat Flap Door 4 Way Lock Security

Dog Cat Flap Door 4 Way Lock Security

Dog Cat Flap Door 4 Way Lock Security

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A slot with buckle is provided to fix a soft weather-resistant brush. The brush will cover the gap of the flame, effectively reduce the noise outside and prevent the rain, wind, snow, mosquito and other insects from entering. In winter, the installation of cat flap will defend cold and keep warm. The design of brush will make it possible for you to rest in silence when cats passing through the cat door, especially at night. Enjoy Night's silence!

Give your cat the freedom to come and go as he or she pleases with this cat flap that has a 4 way locking system.
Slide the locks on the bottom of the flap to set the door to one of the following:
Cat can only enter from the outside but not go out again
Cat can go out but can not get back in (for preventing other cats also entering)
Flap is locked from both sides
Flap is completely open and cat can come and go at will
The cat flap is easy to install and suitable for any wall or door that is up to 50mm thick.
Also suitable for small dogs.


S: 19.2 * 22 * 2.2cm
M: 19.2 * 22 * 5.5cm
L: 23 * 25 * 5.5cm (Please measure your pet before ordering!)

The 4 way cat flap is brand new and boxed
Material: Tough plastic
Colour: Pink, Black
Anti draught brush-lined edge

Package Content:
1 x Brown Pet Flap Door

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