Antique Manual Hand Coffee Burr Grinder

Antique Manual Hand Coffee Burr Grinder

Antique Manual Hand Coffee Burr Grinder

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The Antique Manual Hand Coffee Burr Grinder features an ancient old-styled ornamental design with an improved functionality for providing a convenient coffee grinding experience. Our beautiful coffee grinder grinds the fresh coffee beans quickly and efficiently and deposits the grounds into the small wooden drawer.

Although small in size, the burr coffee grinder is extremely durable and works with a simple hand crank. The outer layer of the burr grinder features a smooth wooden design mixed with stainless steel to allow it to last for years.

Best part of all, this coffee bean grinder is extremely simple and easy to use. Simply fill up the top portion of the manual coffee grinder with fresh coffee beans and start cranking the hand crank! Within seconds, you'll have that fresh coffee you've been craving for!


SAVES ENERGY - To operate our hand coffee grinder, no electric plug is needed as the antique coffee grinder is a completely manual functioned tool. Rotating the wheel by the wooden crank handle to grind coffee beans into ground coffee for brewing.

ANCIENT DESIGN - The old-styled theme of the coffee grinder is bound to add character and class to your home. Bring about a new and positive energy within your home with our manual coffee grinder!

EASY TO CLEAN - Once used, the coffee bean grinder can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth. Simply wipe the insides and the drawer and let it dry.


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