Ice Cream Maker Machine Automatic

Ice Cream Maker Machine Automatic

Ice Cream Maker Machine Automatic

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★ FULLY AUTOMATIC EASY TO USE: Just set the cooking time and the machine will automatically start the emulsion process. The remaining time will be displayed on the LCD and the unit will turn off automatically after the time has elapsed.

★ TRANSPARENT COVER: Quickly freezes ingredients and allows the production of ice cream for the whole family. The transparent cover allows an insight in the preparation and is easy to open and close.

★ MIXER: The rugged mixing paddles run smooth at the ideal speed, ensuring that the mixture is both fully frozen and gently emulsified, producing tiny ice crystals for a perfect creamy and smooth ice cream.

★ Fast Machine Ice Cream - With the powerful engine of this ice cream maker, the freezer bowl is almost ready for you to make a bowl of ice cream at just 20 to 30 minutes. In hot summer, you can feel cool quickly!

★ EASY CLEANING: The freezer and free lid are easily removable, making cleaning easy.

    Ice Cream Maker Machine Automatic

    Power: 7 watts
    Capacity: 600 ml
    Packing capacity: 215 * 215 * 220mm
    Conventional ice cream manufacturing:
    1, fresh cream + milk + sugar, fresh cream: mixed milk 1:1;
    2, ice cream powder + milk, ice cream powder: mixed milk 1:2;
    3, whipped cream, milk, ice cream powder, the mixing container should be refrigerated in the refrigerator, the raw materials are mixed and the ice cream machine coating is taken out to prevent the loss of cold air;
    4, mixed raw materials should not exceed 220 ml or 200 grams, remember! Cannot exceed the maximum value;


    Technical Specification:

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