Rechargeable electric water pump

Rechargeable electric water pump

Rechargeable electric water pump

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-Low noise working
-Quickly output water
-Use a bucket with a diameter of about 5.5cm
-Ligweight and portable design, space saving
-Equipped with usb cable, convenient to charge
-It can be used for 7 days with a single charge.

1. The product has a charging capacity of 5v. After fully charging, it can pump about 3 barrels of 13L bottled water.
2. The product has charging low-voltage explosion-proof protection, please feel free to use
3. The product current is lower than 3.2A, and it automatically flashes “red light” to remind you to charge in time and stop working automatically.
4. When the product is fully charged, the “green light” is on, indicating that the battery is full.

1. Before using this product, insert one end of the suction pipe into the suction port below the fuselage and insert the other end into the bucket.
2. When the work is over or not used for a long time, it is recommended to unplug the power supply and charging cable.
3. Silicone tube is best cleaned frequently or changed once a month to maintain hygiene
4. Keep the machine dry or do not place into the water for cleaning. Wipe it with a soft cloth.

Product packaging: corrugated box + OPP bag
Product size: (018) 13*7cm (012) 13*7.5cm  Product size 2 : 7.4*13.2cm

Product material: 304 stainless steel + ABS + silicone
Product color: black. white
Note: This product is suitable for Android USB power supply. The product does not contain a charging head.

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